The Perfect Gathering

Whether you are planning a wedding, music festival, garden club gathering, dance, birthday party, retreat, conference, banquet, or coffee/wine bar get-togethers, Stella’s Homestead can accommodate your perfect gathering. The buildings, barn, and garden areas provide a picturesque backdrop for any type of event from May through October. Pricing based on event needs.


The Barn

Constructed in the 1930s, the barn was onsite when the farm was purchased in 1947. Built as a two-story barn, its primary-use included housing all of the livestock: dairy cows, horses, and bulls. The center section and the upper loft held hay to the rafters flanked on either side with areas used for livestock pens, grain storage, and tools. Two mounted wall ladders allowed the farmer to climb up or down to feed the animals. Feed and horse tack, along with leftover grain was stored in the granary. Like the past, the barn continues to function as the heart of the farm and is a perfect location for all of your event needs.


The Property

My parents purchased 197 acres in 1947 for $19,000, 3 miles from the original Hansen-Leid centennial farm. The remaining 50 acres of this tract sits adjacent to the South Fork Coppei Creek. My parents never dreamt they would be living by a babbling brook when they first got married. Both of them knew that a lot of water from the South Fork Coppei would flow by before all of their goals were met. The creek is one of the biggest assets then as it is today on Stella’s Homestead. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Photography Sessions

The landscape of our historic farm makes a beautiful backdrop for special events, memorable family, engagement, senior, maternity, landscape photos and more! The options are endless! Go from the backdrop of the Blue Mountains, to Jim’s Park, then over to the old timber framed barn! Plan on taking photos for 1-3 hours!

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